Friday, July 14, 2017


I thought about it and decided that with Deadman's Curve open, that following a mostly direct path would bring this destination within the outer limit of our fitness.
Friday afternoon in July at Minnehaha Falls.

It was cool at the start, temperature not yet 70F, but it got to 70 pretty easily as we rode along.  The sun was mostly out, the wind was very light, we had a really nice ride.

I note for the record that if we can get that far that it is only about another mile and a half or so to where three of our favorite people live.


Santini said...

We've seen a lot of photos of the falls over the years, and each one is different. Lots of flow this year. Nice addition to the collection.

Another mile and a half or so must be ridden twice, once each direction. As you know. So three or so extra miles or so. (See what I did there?)

Looks like a pretty nice day for biking.

Emily M said...

You are of course welcome to stop by as part of that route any time. Or let us know, and we could coordinate meeting you at the falls as part of our own family bike ride. That would be fun!