Thursday, December 1, 2016

Judas Priest 1983

OK, what the heck, BEDFAMM is over.  As has come to be my usual procedure, all month along the way I was setting aside some things that I found interesting, saving them as draft posts in case there was a day when I had absolutely no material and had to post SOMETHING.  In the end I didn't end up using this but it is some of my favorite ever not used material.

The link in the post Turkey Shovel from last month is to a performance by Judas Priest after they got old.

Judas Priest is heavy metal, and heavy metal is better when it is tight pants long hair head banging music.  Here is how they did it when they were young tight pants long hair head banging musicians.

Also nice. Can you believe it? Same song.

I might go so far as to say that I approve this message.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It has been a very interesting November.  The first two and a half weeks were sunny most of the time and dry.  It started as the warmest November on record with an average high in the 60s, 20 degrees above the usual averages.  On the 18th a statewide blizzard struck with thunder, lightning and hail in the morning and for us here in the big cities some wet snow in the afternoon along with a howling wind.  Since then the month has been a little more typical with more cloudy days and then rain falling for six days.  Hail, thunder and lightning was repeated this Monday.  We will end with the second warmest November on record.

It was winter there for a while but today it is pretty clearly back to late fall.
Only one tiny bit of snow visible next to the mailbox post.

And the grass is still green.

And so today it ends, another NaBloPoMo, or as it came to be known among my blogging siblings and I, National Blog Every Day for a Month Month.

Who knows for sure when I will be back here.  Tomorrow if I can fit in a bicycle ride, probably later if not.  But return I shall.

My last act for November, here is another scan, this one of a photo I didn't have yesterday.  TOPWLH brought the photo home with her today after she and her siblings completed the apartment clean out.
Their wedding day picture.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Teddy bear toss

I went inside today on yet another November day which felt more like October.  A bicycle ride may have been possible.  The occasion moving me indoors was Gopher Women's Hockey annual teddy bear toss for charity.  Throw a teddy bear on the ice when the Gopher women score their first goal of the game.  All of the bears are donated to the UofM children's hospital for distribution to patients.

Yesterday's photos were a test run.  I came home, examined the results, spent some time with the manual, made a couple of settings changes, and today went better.

I got there early, as I usually do.  But today I was also confirming what my time with the manual and the changes would mean to the finished results.

Seven time national champions, all of the trophies are here.
The Gophers come out for warmups about 37 minutes before game time.  First on the list is some stretching.
This one is for TOPWLH who is the first person I ever heard say that Lee Stecklein's work is never done.  Lee Stecklein, Olympic and national team veteran, All-American defenseman, her work is never done.
Here's the opening face-off.
Kelly Pannek scored the teddy bear goal with 2:49 remaining in the first period.
That's the biggest bear.  It looks to me like the zebras are considering whether to impose a penalty on that big teddy for illegal largeness.
That light brown bear in the lower right is one of the two bears that we contributed today (actually one was a bear and one was a dog).

At this point the Gophers had just scored to take the lead 1-0.  Eventually it seemed like the players were interested in getting the game going again.  Players started to assist the crew removing the bears.
And they should have been interested in getting the game going again.  15 seconds after play was finally resumed Kelly Pannek scored again and it was 2-0 and off to the races.

Between periods our beloved rodent skates out and entertains.
Eventually Dani Cameranesi added two goals to the two Pannek goals and Minnesota won 4-1.

There are probably a couple more kinks to be worked out in hockey photography but I think it is now trial and error.  I probably will not have to consult the manual on this particular issue again.

Considering that it is very late in November I really don't mind missing the ride.  There just are never going to be many chances at this point anyway and I did have a good time at the Teddy bear toss.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gophers 4, Beavers nil

Today was a totally rideable day and I regret missing it.

But we had tickets.

Here is a link to the box score.  Two goals for Cameranesi, one for Pannek and one for Schipper, a shutout in goal for Peters.  Shots on goal were 51-18 favoring the Gophers.

I took my new camera along and spent the pre-game experimenting with settings, shutter priority, automatic ISO, stuff like that.

This is the best one I got.
The problem is that it is pretty dark in there and the players are moving at a really high rate of speed.

Well, you have to try stuff.

Now I have some adjustments to make, I may take my camera again tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks totally rideable but we have tickets again.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Turkey shovel

Photo taken on Thanksgiving morning.
Well, not this year.  2010.

But it is good to keep in mind what is possible in dealing with what actually is.

This year?  Well, I am thinking that bicycling has a chance of breaking out tomorrow.  I was out of the house doing some grocery shopping and took the time to drive on most of the streets where the first 3 or 4 miles of a bicycle ride would occur and those streets were mostly pretty dry.

Possible high temperatures tomorrow in the mid-40s?  It is just barely possible that we have no yet reached the no bicycles beyond this point.

For those interested I also drove past the house with the blue tarp instead of a roof and they are still relying on the blue tarp.  Today the weight of the snow was causing the tarp to sag.  I am mystified.

It is also worth noting that it can get worse.  This one was taken two weeks after the above photo. 
I was out shoveling yesterday.  I still have that blue parka, I still have those Sorel boots, I was still wearing those choppers.

I have moved on from that shovel.  You just cannot scrape aluminum against concrete and expect it to last for six more years.

When I first published the top photo in 2010 I included in that post a link to a video of Judas Priest doing Diamonds and Rust.

Joanie recently had her 75th birthday and sang her song in concert with the assistance of Judy Collins.