Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Ocho

Today is 8-8 and in honor of that juxtaposition of eights and the Vince Vaughn movie "Dodgeball", the folks in Bristol have designated ESPN-U as the Ocho for today and are running odd sports including dodgeball on trampolines and ultimate frisbee.  Stuff you don't see very often.

Today was pretty much like yesterday and today's ride was pretty much like yesterday.

Except today I had a guest rider.
It was a full ride again today.  Full ride is an endurance sport and today required a bit of endurance.  Life is good, we had a nice time out there.


Santini said...

Didn't see the movie, but get the 8-8 thing, and do like games involving numbers. As long as they aren't too hard, of course.

Biking is good.

Emily M said...

THE OCHO! I am sad I missed it.

I love the falls. We'll have to walk and/or bike over there this weekend. There is a nearby playground that Norah would probably enjoy.